About Me

Welcome to my website.
I am AShortcuts, a devoted Shortcut creator.
I have created many useful workflows that ease my life through the iOS app called Shortcuts.


They have helped get started in the morning by showing me everything that I had planned for the day, the weather, and a route with the eta of my first destination of the day.
This of course is done through my Great Morning ™ shortcut.

Another Shortcut of mine has helped monitor my battery usage and has helped give me many more hours of battery life. - Ultimate Power Mode ™.

The complete list of my shortcuts can be found here.

Hosted on RoutineHub

These are just 2 of my many shortcuts hosted on the famous RoutineHub developed by Harley Hicks.
Harley has done such a wonderful job at creating and managing his beautiful websites and I am grateful that he put so much effort into RoutineHub.

If you have any comments or feedback please click this link.
Thank you for visiting my website and have a wonderful day.